We Do Well

The size of our team and our protracted expertise allows us to accomplish absolutely any type of project regardless of its complexity!

Construction Services

We have a long list of real working experience and resources to endure long-projects and difficult tasks.

Throughout our years in business, we've gained a strong expertise both in managing and completing any type of project, as well as choosing the right drone equipment and software to complete each mission. We understand how important it is to coordinate your project in a timely, cost-efficient way. This means getting your content to you sometimes the same-day as execution. We currently deal with many mid- to large-scale construction projects, so we've mastered the art of completing each project according to every customers initial vision.

$300/hour: unlimited photos/video

General Real Estate

With hundreds of real estate jobs under our belt, our content sells your location, not just your property.

In the past, real estate photography showed only ground level perspectives. This kind of content leaves potential buyers doing most of the work to learn about the surrounding area. To fix that issue, we provide aerial content that shows your customer the community or business/industrial park, proximity to business/shopping centers, and - if necessary - property lines and easements.

$200: 30-40 photos; $300/hour: unlimited photos/video


Thousands of hours of flight time and proper resources provides you with story-telling power!

With the help of aerial drones and our flight experience, directors of photography start sequences inside a building and end at 400-feet in the air in one uncut shot. Container ships are shrunk in perspective as we fly loops around their route. Football teams and their cheerleaders LEAP off the screen in an athletic shoe commercial. Drone cinematography does more than tell your story; it screams it!

$300/hour: unlimited photo/video (half/full day rates available)

Aerial Infrared

Oftentimes physical and functional assets require beyond naked-eye documentation or inspection.

Aerial infrared technology is not cheap but we have it! As long as it's technically possible to see temperature differentials on your asset, we are glad to do it. Water intrustion, energy loss, human, animal, or asset rescue/recovery, public safety, infrastructure integrity, agricultural irrigation, or plant/timber health; infrared reveals what we cannot see with our naked-eye. At 400-feet in the air, it shows even more!

$400/hour: unlimited infrared photo/video

Custom Services

Know what you want to accomplish and let us worry how to get you there with a drone.

Many customers do not realize they may benefit from a drone. Others know but do not know how to accomplish what they need. Training, consulting, or job execution are all in our wheelhouse. It does not matter whether you are a private business, government entity, or military force; we've done most everything you can do with a consumer drone. You tell us what you need done; let us figure out the hard part.

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