‘Yes’ from above: Drone key in Valentine’s proposal

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) -- Drones are just about everywhere these days, but at least the one hovering over a romantic moment in Mount Pleasant Friday night did not give away the buzz of the bling that was about to be bestowed below.

Arm in arm, but this new fiancee is hardly prepared for the special Valentine's delivery arriving by air.

It all came together when Tom Fernandez, a man who flies drones for law enforcement agencies, heard about the love birds Blair Gibson and Brianna Fletcher.

"We met at church in 2011 actually, friends, here and there we talked. We started seeing each other about a year ago today, just realized we want to spend our lives together, how much I love her and I want to spend my life with her," said Gibson.

So why not make the beginning of their lives together one to remember?

Fernandez guides the drone closer to the happy couple, dropping it on the sidewalk at their feet. That's when Gibson gets up and plucks something tied to the drone.

Emotional, nervous, and down on one knee, it's finally the moment Gibson has waited for all night. And he doesn't have any ring -- it's his great-grandmother's ring.

A new fiance is relieved, and his bride-to-be is still in disbelief.

"I was like, 'Why are they getting closer? Is this a practical joke?'" Fletcher said.

But this was no joke. It was a drone-driven dream from which she doesn't want to wake.

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